Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Today is yet another rainy day, a fitting culmination to a week that had its share of downs and very few ups. Aside from the wedding ring saga (which continues today; the Kirby now smells like dead duck since I used it to suck everything out of the sink OTHER than my ring), there has been a tragedy in the family: the groomers cut off Minky's entire mustache, and Sarah is understandably devastated (she has spent years cultivating Minky's facial hair). The crummy weather today meant no zoo once again, and there has been zero movement on the book front all week. John is obsessing over the Foreign Service Orals on the 18th and I'm clearly obsessed with the book, which means we're all a little high strung here. Aside from Jack, who continues on his merry way unhindered by such worries as future employment and the fulfillment of his hopes and dreams. Enjoy it now, chubs! Enjoy it now!
In brighter news, John did really well at the Seneca Creek Trail Race yesterday. He beat his previous 50k PR by 8 minutes and came in second over all. His time was the third fastest in course history. So yay John!
I also finished my Kindle cover, which I'm happy to say came out pretty cute.

This week I really want to focus on the new book. I think it's the only way to get my mind off the other book, and if by some miracle an agent asks what I'm working on now, it would be nice to say I have more than the current 9 pages completed.
Jack is napping and I have book club at 4, and I still have to work out in between. I've been good about my 20 miles a week but I'm looking forward to getting outside a bit for my runs. I am seriously looking forward to April, when the Foreign Service Exams will be finished and the weather will hopefully be more agreeable. Maybe I'll even have news on my book by then...

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Sarah D Joseph said...

Cute picture! Almost enough to cheer me up from the MMM (Minky mustache-mugging).