Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Writing Wednesdays: The Typewriter Girl

Today's post isn't so much about writing as reading, but really, don't we learn so much about writing from what we read? I say yes, so I'm going to share with you a wonderful book I just finished that I stumbled upon by accident.

I won a copy of The Typewriter Girl over on Chick Lit Is Not Dead (which if you aren't reading, you should be; I've entered two of their book giveaways, which happen every week, and I've won a book both times). Frankly, I was drawn to the book because of the cover. Plus it sounded different from all the YA I've been reading lately, and I needed a change.

Gorgeous, no?

Here's the blurb from Goodreads:
"In Victorian London, there’s only so far an unmarried woman can go, and Betsey Dobson has relied on her wits and cunning to take herself as far as she can—to a position as a typewriter girl. But still, Betsey yearns for something more…so when she’s offered a position as the excursions manager at a seaside resort, she knows this is her chance for security, for independence, for an identity forged by her own work and not a man’s opinion. Underqualified for the job and on the wrong side of the aristocratic resort owner, Betsey struggles to prove herself and looks to the one person who can support her new venture: Mr. Jones, the ambitious Welshman building the resort’s pleasure fair. As she and Mr. Jones grow ever closer, Betsey begins to dream that she might finally have found her place in the world—but when her past returns to haunt her, she must fight for what she’s worked so hard…or risk losing everything.

This eloquent debut novel displays firm propriety barely restraining seething passion—a sizzling combination reminiscent of Downton Abbey."

That last sentence pretty much says it all. This book is pretty steamy, I'm not gonna lie. But it's also beautifully written (seriously, Atlee can WRITE), with an utterly unique protagonist and a rather yummy leading man. A highly recommended read. (And thanks to Lisa and Liz for the book! Those ladies are awesome!)

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