Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

This is Jack's Easter bunny.  Jack liked him for a little while; then he got bored and went back to saying "No, no, nooooo."

The Easter bunny and I are fed up.

This week was long and awful.  After Jack's three days of fever (which went away as mysteriously as it arrived), he developed a rash all over his body, and today I discovered that one of his front teeth is chipped.  I think it's unrelated to his moodiness (from laughter to tears in two seconds flat), but I'd prefer that his teeth were intact.  When you only have eight, every tooth counts.

But the worst was the rejection I got on Friday afternoon.  Remember how I said that "rejection gets easier?"  Well, I lied.  Yes, it's easier to brush off the rejections on query letters when you've amounted a couple dozen, but this was from the agent who had read the first three chapters two weeks ago and then requested the rest of the manuscript.  This was a big agent who I would have been thrilled to have represent me.  There was no feedback, just the general, "You're a terrific writer, but I just didn't connect with the material."  Which I think translates to: "There's nothing in particular wrong with your manuscript, but we didn't love it enough to have it be one of the four or five projects we take on this year."  While it's good to know that they don't think I'm a horrible writer or hate the premise of my novel, it's also very frustrating to not know what you're doing wrong.  Ugh.

Hopefully things will start to look up this week.  I still have three agents with my manuscript, I'm hoping to send out more query letters this week, and I'm getting ready to submit a short story (my first!) to a literary magazine.  Fingers crossed!

For now, the bunny and I are chilling on the couch, enjoying a brief respite from Jack's wrath.  Only seventeen pounds of Easter candy left to get through...

Happy Easter!

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