Monday, December 26, 2011

Mommy Mondays: A Christmas to Remember

I'm sure most of you are still enjoying your holidays, so I'm keeping this week's blog posts short and sweet. I just wanted to share a few of the highlights of Christmas 2011, particularly those involving Jack. I mentioned in a recent post how the spirit of Christmas was alive and well in our house, and that certainly proved true this year. Having Grandma Patti, Uncle Mike, and Auntie Shasha here to celebrate helped immensely. Jack was introduced to the vintage Rankin/Bass Christmas movies thanks to Grandma Patti, and Rudolph is a big hit around here, let me tell you.

What's not to love?

On Christmas morning, Jack came downstairs to find his Christmas gift (the main event, anyway - this kid is ridiculously spoiled by friends and family members; I have a feeling things are going to be a little different next year when we're living in BFE). I was hoping to recapture some of the joy on his face when everyone sang happy birthday at his party. It wasn't quite to that level, but it was still pretty good.

Elmo AND a bike? Woohoo!
I think everyone received something really special this year. John got the Kindle Fire, courtesy of me; Sarah got a gift card to Forever21 and clothes from Anthropologie AND Urban Outfitters; Mike got a dive watch for his upcoming training at the Commercial Dive Academy (we're incredibly proud that he earned a full-ride scholarship there); and I got a beautiful necklace I spotted in Annapolis from John, as well as a family heirloom ring from John's mother, and the cutest pair of hot air balloon tights ever from Sarah. Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Bob also bought Jack a little tractor to go with his farm - it's adorable, but the song it plays is probably going to drive me crazy in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks a lot, Grandma.
 Of course, the thing that REALLY might drive me crazy is this dog.

The singing dog, also known as the antichrist.
Sure, it may look like a harmless stuffed Basset Hound. But let me assure you, this thing is from the devil. If they ever need a new interrogation technique at Guantanamo, they need look no further than this hound from Hades. He sings a song that is so obnoxious it literally makes my stomach turn when Jack pushes that little red button on his arm. I hate him. And I told Patti that if she left this dog in my house, I could not be held responsible for what happens to him. Guess what? She left him. He is so horrible that I'm not sure it would be the kind thing to do to donate him to charity. This dog belongs in one place and one place alone - the fiery pits of Mordor. But it would take a fellowship far stronger than anything Tolkien dreamed up to maintain their sanity in the company of this wretched creature.

I think I could probably devote an entire blog post to annoying children's toys - the people who create these things are clearly parent-hating sadists - but it's the holidays so I'll end on a positive note.  I'm grateful for so many things in my life, but first and foremost are the friends and family I am lucky enough to be surrounded by. Thank you all for your support and generosity this year. We love you guys so much.

Oh, and the dog is going to get it.

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Jenny S. Morris said...

We are past most of the singing loud toys, but I spent my day yesterday putting together Legos. Wow, who knew a kids toy could be so hard. ;0)

I'm glad you had a great Christmas and Jack looks so cute.