Monday, April 30, 2012

Mommy Mondays: He IS Heavy, He's My Baby

Today I barely have the strength to write this post. That's partly because I'm exhausted from my girls weekend, which was wonderfully awesome, but it's mostly because we went to the Baltimore Aquarium today and guess what: they don't allow strollers. The woman at the ticket window sensed my horror when she mentioned this and said brightly, "We have carriers you can use." Either this woman doesn't have children, in which case she doesn't understand the physical strength (and height) required to carry a two-year-old in a backpack, or she does have children and she's just a big meanie. Either way, there was no chance I was going to carry Jack through the aquarium on my back.

If you've ever chased/carried/dragged a 35-pound child through an aquarium for two hours then you probably understand why I can hardly lift my arms right now. Add a few hours of DC driving into the equation, and I'm basically a worthless blob of Jell-O sprawled on the couch at the moment. Jack, meanwhile, recharged his batteries with a one-hour nap on the way home and is in full up tower-building mode.

Yes, that IS Finding Nemo in the background. Don't judge.
I made a quick post-aquarium stop at the drugstore on the way home, and as I was struggling to get my massive child into his car seat, I started to wonder what the $%#& I'm going to do with this kid if he continues to grow (which does appear to be an inevitability at this point, unfortunately). I know I'm not body-builder material, but I'm also not completely out of shape. How on earth do other mothers deal with this? Is there something wrong with me? Did I miss the class on wielding heavy children, or is there a baby forklift available that someone forgot to mention to me? Do I need to throw squats into my workout routine? Or am I just supposed to drag the kid by the ankles when he goes limp and refuses to move away from the lion fish? Thoughts? Suggestions. Hit me up. I'm desperate.


Alleged Author said...

I can only imagine going somewhere for a long period of time without use of a stroller Ugh!

june923 said...

One word: ergo. You can comfortably carry a 50 lb kid. As a mom of three i swear by it.

Mara Rae said...

Jaime - I'm afraid that since he isn't used to it now, he won't want to get into it! I also don't have one :P But maybe I can test it out with my friend's and see if Jack will cooperate. Might be good for Russia!