Monday, June 4, 2012

Mommy Mondays: Deer vs Mommy

I'm sure most of you weren't as obsessed with Gilmore Girls as I was back in the day, but perhaps some of you recall the Season 1 episode in which poor Rori, who is late for her new super fancy private school, gets hit by a deer. No one believes her that the deer hit her, including her teacher, when she arrives to school late for an important exam. "I have the antler marks to prove it!" she screams, but alas, she is dubbed a liar.

Well, my deer didn't have antlers, but it most certainly hit my car.

Fortunately, I have a credible witness (Sarah). Jack was sleeping and Minky refuses to give a statement. I wouldn't be surprise if she's wearing a neck brace the next time I see her.

And just in case YOU don't believe me:

My once-perfect 2-month-old car.

Why yes, that IS fur stuck in the bumper.
Of course this would happen when John is in Russia for two weeks. I'm very sorry to say the deer didn't make it (a rather traumatic situation for a vegetarian). After much screaming and shaking and crying, I managed to pull the car over and call USAA (I love them, btw) and eventually a tow truck came to remove our battered 4Runner from the premises. He's only two months old, people. We haven't even agreed on a name for him yet! But I am grateful we were in an SUV, because otherwise we might have ended up with a deer on our windshield, and that would have been bad on so many levels (well, two, mostly: possible injury, and splattered deer).

But did we allow this tragic turn of events to ruin our day? Of course not! We rallied and headed up to Katie's farm, where we had a lovely day despite the fact that the $500 deductible was dancing around maniacally in the back of my head.

Jack got to bottle feed Camel (a lamb that looks like a goat)...

Camel enjoying her special blend of milk and kefir.
... eat watermelon to his heart's content...

Farmer Jack!
 ... and splash around in a bucket with Minky.

l to r: Camel, Katie, Minky, Jack (and doesn't Katie look ridiculously cute considering she lives on a farm?)
Katie generously drove us all the way home (she lives about 70 miles from us) and I'm sure I'll get a call about my car at some point today. Mostly I'm grateful that everyone is okay, that Jack is too young to really understand what happened, and that of all the cartoons he's watched in the past year or so, "Bambi" was not one of them.


Jenny Morris said...

Oh man, that is not good. I would have freaked too. Poor 4Runner. I'm glad Jack was a asleep. He looks like he had a fun day.

Glad you guys are okay.

Leslie Pugh said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that happened to you and that your car is so beat up. But glad you and Jack are fine!

Birdie said...

Crazy! Hope you guys are ok...

Alleged Author said...

Oh deer! I mean, dear! So glad you are okay. I hit a deer when I was in college and living in Michigan. Scary stuff!

Emily R. King said...

Oh my! What a way to have your day ruined.

Let me get this straight: the deer hit you?... Suicidal animals. I tell ya, they're dangerous! :) Glad you all are okay!

Leigh Covington said...

Oh my goodness! I would normally say "poor deer," but I think I'm going to go with "poor YOU!" My gosh, that would scare me to death and that's terrible that the hubs is out of town. I'm glad that you were in an SUV too. Very good thing. And the farm looks like a blast. I want to feed that lamb too!

Mara Rae said...

Thanks all for the well wishes! It was a scary experience but we were incredibly lucky all things considered. I got the estimate for the repairs and it said, "deer fur found all over panels and bumper." Whaaa!