Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Writing Wednesdays: "Come And Get It" Contest

By some miracle, I made it into the awesome "Come And Get It" (CAGI) contest, hosted by the fabulous Cupid over at Cupid's Literary Connection! I tried to get into one of her contests a long time ago and didn't make it, so I'm very excited to be in this time. For those of you who don't know, there are two submission windows so you still have a chance to get in. And of the 100 people who do, 40 will be selected by a group of judges to make it to the agent round. I really hope I make it that far, but it will be great to get more feedback regardless.

For this contest, ANYONE can comment, so if you have a moment please stop by my entry (#17) and leave me some feedback if you get a chance. I know most of you have seen my query and first 250 by this point, but a little cheerleading never hurts *wink wink*

There's also going to be an auction as part of this contest, which means even if you're not entering you could still win some cool writerly prizes. And Cupid asked all the entrants to donate $4 to a children's hospital, so the whole thing is for a great cause. Good luck to all the other contestants!

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Tamara said...

I'm in CAGI too! Congrats. I'll be happy to check out your entry, I'll do that as soon as I leave your blog. I found you through GUTGAA. Nice to "meet" you. I'm entry 29 in CAGI, if you want to check it out.

And, I was so inspired by all the blogs on GUTGAA that I finally started one of my own. It's:

I'd love it if you could stop by. Good luck in the contest!