Thursday, January 23, 2014

Things I Love Thursdays: Simple Knit Hat for Baby

One of the things I really wish I'd taken the time to learn properly is how to knit. I can basically knit in a straight line, which comes in handy for making scarves and pretty much nothing else. When I was pregnant with Jack, I half-assed a hat that was pretty cute but incredibly basic, because all you do is knit in a straight line and then fold the thing in half, stitching it up the sides and adding little tassels if you're so inclined (which I was. Duh.).

I was clearly more excited about the hat than Jack was.

For this kid, I thought it might be nice to make something slightly more polished and professional. Then I started looking into patterns and the truth emerged: when it comes to knitting, I'm just damn lazy. I wanted the simplest hat I could find that didn't look like crap. And since I only had a single pair of straight needles here in Montana, and a single ball of yarn, this pattern was right up my alley:

Baby's Flat Hat

My version.

As worn by creepy riding owl.

All you have to do is knit in a straight line, sew up one side, cinch in the top, and finish the look with a pom-pom. It took me a day to make it and I think it came out pretty cute. I also ordered this pom-pom maker from Amazon. Now there's nothing stopping me from adding pom-poms to every baby item that comes down the pike! I bet this kid is gonna LOVE it!

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