Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Quick Traveling Re-cap

Some of you may recall my crazy travel schedule from a Facebook post a ways back. Some of you may have thought I was insane. Some of you were right. So far our whirlwind trip has been wonderful, but I do feel a bit displaced. We had a great time at my sister's wedding in Chicago (seriously, it was amazing and beautiful and I can't wait to see photos!), but between the 30 hours of travel, jet lag, illness, and Jack's night terrors caused by exhaustion, we left Chicago slightly more bedraggled than when we arrived (and that's saying something). I had some bleeding in Chicago and was fortunate to have four sisters around to insist I rest, but any mother of a three-year-old knows there is truly no rest for the weary.

Then we spent one night with Sarah in DC, the rest of the week with my amazing friends Mark and Lauren in Maryland, another week with my other amazing friends Courtney and Peter in Rhode Island, then three nights in an apartment in DC, and now we're in Sarah's house for the week. I canceled my plans to visit even more awesome friends after I had some more bleeding when I left Rhode Island last Friday. Fortunately I had an ultrasound and everything looks just fine, but I figured my body was trying to tell me something.

Of course, I'm still flying to Miami on Sunday, then Cancun for a week, then back to Miami, and then to Montana. (Despite what my body is telling me, I refuse to miss my child-free week in Cancun.) But aside from all the madness, things have been pretty fabulous here in America. It's finally sinking in that I don't have to go back to Russia, and that I can slowly ease up on stuffing my face with American food since I will have it at my disposal for quite some time. I feel so lucky to have so many wonderful friends (and family members) willing to host Jack and me for a few weeks! All in all, it feels pretty darn good to be home (even if "home" doesn't really exist at the moment).