Monday, January 24, 2011


Okay, so it's a slight backslide, but nevertheless... I completely forgot to blog yesterday! Probably because we were busy all day - work out in the morning, lunch with friends, FINALLY got to see Black Swan, then a play date for Jack, dinner, and we made an attempt to get to bed early because we were out late Friday night getting drinks with friends, and Saturday we had friends over so it was another late night. I'm exhausted but we did have a fun weekend.
Today John has his "audition" for the Presidential Management Fellowship. If nothing else it will be good practice for the Foreign Service orals, assuming his essays qualify him. I'm praying that he makes it that far at least - he certainly deserves it, and he'll be crushed if he doesn't. So fingers crossed for him today, and over the upcoming weeks.
Last week I was productive with editing and continuing through my ridiculous querying list. I've got upwards of 30 agents to query so far, and I still have several more pages to slog through. Next step: picking out the top 25 and getting everything ready to query. On Saturday E and I are getting together for an epic editing session. I will hopefully finish all my edits then and be ready to re-query the agent who asked for a resubmission next week. And I'm debating entering the Amazon contest this year. I'm worried it could come back to haunt me on the off-chance that I a) am a finalist and b) get an agent. Both things I really SHOULDN'T be worried about, but one never knows. I asked my fave blogger for her thoughts so we'll see what she says. The contest opened last night.
Meanwhile, still running my 20 miles a week. No progress on the new book but I've sort of put it on the back burner until I finish things with the last book. No word on jobs, which is just as well. I am checking out preschools though, which is a good things for next year, and trying to be as productive as possible on all fronts. So far so good. Right now I need to shower so I can take Jack to a playdate with some people I don't really know. I'm kind of nervous, but I know it will be good for Jack. I'm trying to be better about getting him involved in those kinds of activities now that I'm not working.
I think that's about it at the moment. Better run and shower before Jack wakes up. Here's hoping I have something interesting to report next week!!

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