Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Week of the Jack-al

As I was thinking about what to write about today, I realized that I didn't have a lot of inspiration on the brain.  Perhaps that's because for the past six days, it has been pretty much all Jack, all the time.  Due to a rather unfortunate confluence of events (John in California training, Sarah in Mongolia filming, a holiday weekend that drove many friends out of town, and a heatwave that is making me seriously reconsider moving to Russia - oh, and a rash that has now migrated from my torso onto my arms and legs, making it impossible for me to wear the shorts and tank tops this weather necessitates), I have been stuck mostly indoors alone with Jack since Thursday.  Thank goodness for the brief respite provided by one LNRB, who spent all day with me on Sunday.  And for a fun dinner date with Erin on Friday night, which was almost canceled due to babysitter flakiness (The six words no mother wants to hear from a babysitter ten minutes after she was supposed to be at your house: "Was I supposed to babysit tonight?") and a freak thunder storm. 

Actually, I can't complain too much.  Jack has been a very good boy since we returned from California.  I just tend to go a little bit crazy when I'm on constant Jack-watch and there isn't anything to do that doesn't require spending money, which I'm really trying to avoid.  But when it's 95 degrees out (and feels like it's well over 100 with the humidity) the only feasible places to go outside the home are indoors.  And since I had no friends to impose myself on, I was forced (Forced, I tell you!) to go shopping on Saturday.  I only bought things for Jack, though, so it doesn't count, right?

On the writing front, the week actually wasn't a complete bust.  I came up with a new idea for a Young Adult Paranormal novel, which I just started today after brainstorming all weekend.  Is it a good idea?  That remains to be seen.  But it's got me excited about writing again, which is always a good thing.  The Blue Dog Cafe will be written one day (It was the first novel I ever started, actually, and so far it's been the hardest to write.) but perhaps I just need a break from adult fiction for the moment.

And speaking of breaks, have I mentioned how thrilled I am that John will be coming home tonight??  I foresee a girls night out in my future...

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