Thursday, May 5, 2011

Weekly Inspiration: Our Mom, the Style Icon

In honor of Mother's Day, I've decided to do a post dedicated to someone who is not only an incredible mother (she managed to raise triplets while married to a doctor, before anyone had invented the Nose Frieda or video monitors, and without the convenience of disposable diapers), but also a photographer, a former body builder, a horse-back rider, an avid reader, a supportive wife, a proud grandmother, a loyal friend, and, even now, a rather stylish woman.
I'm sure a lot of you have heard of the blog "My Mom, the Style Icon."  It was recently turned into a column in Lucky Magazine as well, where you can send in a photo of your mom in all her retro glory for possible publication.  Sarah and I decided to send in some photos of our mom quite a few months back, and since I never heard from Lucky, I'm assuming we are not going to be included in the magazine.  However, our mom is so fabulously stylish that I think it's worth posting here, for the rest of the world (or, more realistically, the few dozen people who look at my blog regularly) to appreciate.
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!  We love you so much!

Our Mom, the Style Icon:
Our mother, Nancy, grew up as the quintessential California girl in the suburbs of Manhattan Beach. Photos from her childhood and teenage years reveal a bright-eyed blond sporting perfectly coordinated ensembles. As we grew up, our mother would occasionally recall in vivid detail an outfit or article of clothing from her youth - often handmade by our grandmother.  After casually mentioning her black motorcycle jacket or plaid hot pants, our eager questions about their present day whereabouts were usually met with an offhanded explanation that she'd given them away years ago.

Over the years, our mother managed to remain current without being trendy. She is always put together, no matter the occasion; even a trip to the barn warrants the right pair of earrings. Looking back, certainly no one would have ever guessed that she was the busy mother of not one or two children, but triplets.

In this photo, taken some time in the early 1970s (when our mom was in her early twenties), she was spending the day with our uncle and a friend. She is wearing a cream turtleneck sweater under a denim shirt and tan suede coat, a brown leather belt with a large silver buckle, and silver earrings. Her jeans are rolled up to mid-calf over a pair of dark brown leather boots. She is the epitome of California cool.
We just wish she'd kept the outfit.


Sarah said...

Glad you posted this, Mar :) Happy Mother's Day, Mom! We love you.

Shauna said...

aw so sweet! Love those photos of your mom :)

taffy123 said...

I certainly remember being jealous of (and frequently invading) your mom's glamorous closet back during our 1980's childhood! Happy mother's day Nancy. :-)