Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jack's First Day, and Missoni Mania

Today is Jack's first day of preschool.

I am pretty sure it is going to change my life.

Jack gets to know his teacher
I dropped Jack off at nine this morning.  I hung his backpack on his hook and made sure he was having fun before leaving.  He didn't even say goodbye. 

Jack's fox backpack
I suppose I should be grateful I have a child who can go from filming a reality show one day to his first day of school the next with nary a protest, but surely one fond farewell glance isn't too much to ask for.

"High chair?"
After I dropped Jack off, I headed immediately to Target to hit up the Missoni for Target collection, which came out today.  It was only 9:15 and the parking lot was full of women, young and old, bracing themselves for the mission ahead: find whatever hadn't been picked over by the teeming hordes who waited in line for hours and apparently ran through the doors screaming, spending upwards of $3000 (I overheard the employees chatting).  I managed to find a few of the things Sarah asked me to look for on the phone.  I was like a freaking auction assistant checking in with my bidder: "I've got a pair of black chevron tights.  $16.  Yay or nay?  Okay, there are two sweater boxes left.  Get both?  Got it."

The worst of it all was that I found myself buying into the madness.  "Do I really need a Missoni for Target bathmat?" I had to ask myself.  The answer, quite clearly, was no, so back the bathmat went.  Of course, I could have done what many people are already doing: selling the stuff on eBay for up to five times what it's worth.  You'd think we were talking about real Missoni here, not Target-made crap.  That said, I found a really nice sweater for John, as well as a child's X-Large cardigan for Sarah (several women headed to the children's department when they saw my booty).  I also got the evil eye from a few women at check-out.  Disgraceful, they were probably thinking.  I can't blame them.  I thought the same thing about the women ahead of me.  This was truly consumerism at its worst.

I finally tore myself away and hurried home, where I managed to get in a workout, a shower (and I did my hair, miracle of miracles!  I didn't even have to worry about waking Jack up!), and now this blog post.  I'm off in a few to pick up the little man and see how things went.

And I'm already looking forward to Thursday.

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Sarah said...

LOL - this was a good one. I love that first pic of Jack - the teacher has that super excited expression on her face, and you can just tell (even with his chipmunk cheek in the way) that Jack is totally nonplussed. And then the fox backpack just looks forlorn. As for the mystery bidder, well, what can I say?