Monday, September 26, 2011

You Need This. Now.

Run, don't walk, to your nearest Trader Joe's and pick up this ridiculously delicious bar of chocolate.  I don't even like dark chocolate and it was amazing.  Salty, sweet, melty goodness, all in a beautiful package, I might add.  The Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Bar (Caramel with Black Sea Salt) may be my new obsession.

Ahoy, mateys! It's awesome, in a box.
But just in case you're worried that I've abandoned the other love of my life, The Majestic's coconut cake, fear not.  I had some of that on Saturday night.  When it comes to dessert, I get around.

Don't worry, lover - there's room for both of you in my life.  Er, stomach.

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kerry2642 said...

Just found another of my passions.. M&M's Dark Chocolate Pretzels cannot tell you how delicious they are especially @ 3:00 orso in the A.M. when one cannot sleep!! Goes really good.. with a cupof my favorite chai vanilla tea!! Great blog as usual.. hugs,, "AK"