Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Things I Love Thursdays: Sherlock and Sea Salt Caramel Gelato

What do the BBC series Sherlock and Talenti's Sea Salt Caramel gelato have in common?

Not a damn thing, except I love them both.

John and I have only watched one and a half episodes of Season 1 of Sherlock, but I'm loving it so far. Benedict Cumberbatch (best. name. ever.) plays a creepy-yet-brilliant 21st century Sherlock Holmes. It took me a moment to recognize him from his role in Atonement (another creepy character), but I instantly recognized Martin Freeman from Love Actually and The Hobbit (now THERE'S a movie I'm seriously excited for!). I'm not normally a big fan of crime/detective shows, but the humor is so great in Sherlock that I'll definitely keep watching.

Cumberbatch and Freeman as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson
So what goes perfectly with an episode of a new favorite show? Gelato, of course! Talenti makes all kinds of awesome gelato, but this is the first time I've purchased the Sea Salt Caramel, and it is deeelicious. So smooth and creamy, plus there are these amazing little chocolate-covered sea salt caramel chunks in there. Seriously, how can you go wrong?

One pint of yum. Where's my spoon?


Alleged Author said...

I love sea salt and caramel! Actually, I like putting salt on just about anything. :P

Iain said...

Keep watching Sherlock. It gets better and better :o)

Anonymous said...

Both of those are hits at our house too! Fyi, the gelato shop on king street makes a great sea salt caramel too if you can catch it on rotation!