Monday, April 7, 2014

Mommy Mondays: Tell Me Your Mommy Must-Haves

Four years ago when I had Jack, there were a few key products that made my life as a new mom easier. For example, the BOB stroller made it possible for me to start running a few months after Jack was born and train for a marathon. I know there are other jogging strollers out there, but I really feel like the BOB is the best. It's also amazing for traveling and handled Yekaterinburg's post-apocalyptic sidewalks like a champ.

Other items I loved: my My Breast Friend nursing pillow - a terribly named product that really did make nursing easier in the early days; my Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack - pricey, yes, but that sucker held up beautifully for over two years of daily use; Sophie the giraffe - she lives up to the hype. Kids love that overpriced piece of rubber like nothing else; the Angel Care monitor - it lets you know if your baby stops breathing. Worth its weight in gold as far as peace-of-mind is concerned; Kirkland baby wipes from Costco - just the right amount of softness and strength, at a great price. And let's face it, wipes are pretty much vital to motherhood.

There were other products that came highly recommended that simply didn't work for me: the Moby wrap - I felt like I was drowning in fabric. One size does NOT fit all; the Bjorn carrier - apparently there are better models now, but that thing killed my back; the bouncy seat - true, it was something to stick the baby in when I needed to shower, but it just seemed like it should be able to bounce without my help; Johnsons Nursing Pads - does anyone really need a nipple bump on the outside of a nursing pad?

This time, I'm excited to try out some new products. I ordered the Beco carrier from the Honest Company (thirty dollars cheaper than normal) and I hope I love it. I'm definitely going to invest in a swing for this baby - I didn't have one with Jack and every time I went to a friend's house and put him in one, I kicked myself for it! I've got my six-pack of Bamboobies ready and waiting, and while the heart shape doesn't really seem all that practical, 500 Amazon reviewers can't be wrong!

So my question for you is, what must-have mommy products do you recommend? I know some great new products must have come out in the past four years. Or maybe there's a classic out there I missed somehow. I'm all ears (and running out of time until this baby shows up!).


Anonymous said...

The rock and play sleeper ( scored a great one from Mr. Craig and hos fabulous list) when C was born and I wish I had had it for A with all her reflux. c slept in it until he was 4 months old, easy to move around those early weeks in the tiny house and reach over and rock at bedtime. perfect angle, snuggly, and folded flat for shoving under a bed or taking on the car lighter than a pack and play. The other item is nothing new, but if you have molding over doorways the doorway jumper was great and a hit with our two. no big exersaucer, but lots of fun and easier to move to a bathroom doorway for showering, etc. just beware the older sibling pushing as a "swing". Courtney

Rachel Schieffelbein said...

My kids didn't like swings, so we had the vibrating seats. No one brand, I had two different ones for my four kids, but they were awesome. :)