Monday, January 10, 2011

One Week In

It's been one week of New Year's Resolutions put to the test, and I'm happy to say that I'm passing, mostly. 20 miles - check! 20 pages - no. But I did do a lot of good research for the book and I'm getting excited about writing it, which is a big first step. I have a new job possibility that I'm excited about, and I've done some research about childcare. Yesterday I went shopping with my Christmas gift cards and got some great new clothes, which I'm excited about. I'm feeling better about my physical appearance, which is important for how I feel on the inside (maybe that's shallow, but it's true).
As for The Book Collector - no word from any agents, which is disappointing. I'm really hoping to hear from my two outstanding agents this week. The holidays are over and it's time they get back to me. Fingers crossed. I need to start my list of agents to query next month. I'm definitely planning on doing some research for that this week. And I think I'm going to start making those edits that the one agent suggested. It can't hurt. And since I'm not writing the new book quite yet, I really ought to do it. I was reading some blog in which an author posted that an agent suggested rewrites, she made them and a year later was represented by them. So perhaps it IS possible (I've been a little skeptical after what happened with agent J).
Another resolution that I forgot to mention is that I want to write on this blog at least once a week, so that's one more resolution I can give a "check" to :)
Off to work out before the bambino wakes up!

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