Friday, September 9, 2011

Santa Barbara On My Mind

I apologize for the rather long delay in posting.  We have been a very busy family this past week, first heading out to Santa Barbara on Friday for Shauna's wedding, flying back on Tuesday, and then driving up to Deep Creek, Maryland, on Wednesday, for a free vacation (that is being taped and will run on PBS at some point, which I may or may not disclose depending on how embarrassing it is).  It's a long story that I will delve into next week, but for now, I thought I'd post a brief Santa Barbara recap.

First of all, how on earth did I not realize how freaking fabulous Santa Barbara is?  I went up there probably once or twice a month throughout high school, and Sarah lived there briefly before moving to D.C.  But I think it takes three years of Virginia weather to truly appreciate Southern California.  It was in the 60s-70s every day we were there.  I don't think Shauna could have asked for a more perfect wedding day.  The wedding itself was also absolutely gorgeous, with bubbles floating on the gentle breeze and guests holding pink parasols to shade themselves from the mid-day sun.  Shauna and Chad got married at the Santa Barbara court house, in the sunken gardens, and our bright pink and purple dresses looked amazing against the vibrant green lawn.  Shauna, of course, was a stunning bride.

The happy couple

Alas, Jack failed miserably in his ring bearer duties.  When Shauna got engaged some time last year, I naively volunteered Jack to be the ring bearer, completley unaware that a 20-month-old is barely capable of walking in a straight line, let alone carrying a ring pillow down an aisle full of strangers.  The main problem, however, was the fact that Jack woke up at 4 a.m. on the morning of the wedding and didn't nap during the day, so by the time the wedding started near two o' clock, he was a total wreck. John ended up carrying Jack - and the ring pillow I made - down the aisle.  Chad's father had the rings the whole time.  Basically, Jack was nothing more than a lawn ornament - a whiny lawn ornament in an expensive outfit that had to be toted off during the vows.  Lesson learned.

My first time as a bridesmaid ever!  Thanks Shauna!

The whole gang (sans Sarah)
On Sunday we had a chance to see my grandparents and my brother and his family.  My grandma was particularly thrilled to see Jack, and he made her day by saying "grab-a" several times.  Dorje, who is a year older than Jack, very kindly shared his trains.  Sarah and I quizzed Dara on spelling words and skipped down the sidewalk with Samaya.  Alice Keck park is so beautiful and the kids had a blast running amok.  Five adults could barely keep up with four kids, a lovely reality check in case I was ever thinking of having three more (I wasn't).

Dorje finally gives up on Jack, who refuses to pose as directed.

All in all it was a splendid weekend that went by far too quickly.  It's so special to see Jack play with his cousins and visit his great-grandparents, and I had a blast dancing on sore feet for hours on end with my best high school girlfriends.  Thanks again to Shauna and Chad for hosting such an amazing weekend.  We are so happy for you guys! 


Sarah said...

Great post - I miss SB (and our friends!) already :(

Shauna said...

Great post Mar, and even though Jack didn't walk down the aisle alone, being carried by his dad with the pillow you made for us was just so special to me and I'll always remember that. You and Sarah looked so beautiful in those pink dresses, it turned out exactly how I thought it would but even better! I miss you guys and SB already too! xoxo