Thursday, February 23, 2012

Things I Love Thursdays: Pastel Hair

John recently switched his Financial Times subscription (which is ridonkulously expensive) over to The New York Times. I was excited at first - a weekly book review, all for me! But it turns out the Book Review, along with the rest of the paper, is kind of pretentious (not that The Financial Times wasn't - but it's British, and pink, so it's allowed to be pretentious). I love it when they have a children's book section, but that doesn't happen nearly often enough, and god forbid they review something semi commercial; most of the reviews are so damn scholarly that I can't even tell what the book is about. It's not a dissertation people, it's a book review! Gah!

Anyway, The New York Times Style Magazine, while still kind of pretentious, occasionally has some cool stuff in it. Like this week's feature on pastel hair. The photos by Richard Burbridge are to-die-for gorgeous. These are photos I took of the magazine itself, so please forgive the lousy quality, but don't you want lavender hair RIGHT NOW?

 No? Perhaps you're more of a blue gal, like myself?

And of course there's always pink:

Love, love love! It's like something out of Sofia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette." Which makes this adorable vase from Anthropologie just the thing.


Mer! said...

Reminds me of yours and Sarah's wigs years back at the squadron party, you can TOTALLY rock pastel. DO IT!!

Mom said...

Speaking of pretentious book reviews: I went to my book club Tuesday night and the book was The Unbroken. Since I read it year-and-a-half ago (and wasn't about to read it again), I couldn't quite muster up the emotion that I originally felt after reading it. Some of the comments by the other members were really overblown and maudlin. I sometimes feel out of place in this group since I tend to be a little more private in my reactions to books like The Unbroken which certainly was a moving and amazing book. That's the reality of book clubs. They force you to be super cerebral or look like a dummy. Oh well.

Mara Rae said...

Ha - Mer, I totally would if I could. Unfortunately this process involves bleaching your hair completely, and the pastel color only lasts for six weeks max. I'll have to stick to the wigs for now!

Mom - you are WAY more eloquent in your book reviews than I am; I never have anything intelligent to say at book club. Fortunately, we care more about the food and wine than actually discussing the book. You need a new book club!