Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Writing Wednesdays: Dual POV and Parallel Worlds

Last week I got a new idea for a novel. Yes, another one. I already have several in the works, but this one kind of grabbed a hold of me and my CP thinks it has merit, so I'm taking a stab at it.

As it stands right now, I'm trying to write it in dual POV. I did this once a long time ago, and it was pretty easy, but this novel is posing a challenge because the characters are in different worlds (at least to start out). That's another thing - parallel worlds, something I NEVER thought I'd write. And because these characters are so different, and their worlds are so different, it's a little jarring to go from one to the other. Eventually they'll meet up, and then things should get easier (I hope), but for now, I'm a little worried. Their voices are very distinct too (southern girl in real world; old-fashioned stonemason in parallel world), so while I know my readers won't have a problem differentiating between the characters, I also don't want the reader to feel like they're trying to read two separate books at the same time.

Here are some main character ideas in case you're curious. (It was rough rummaging through photos of male models to find inspiration, but an artist has to be willing to make sacrifices for her work).

His name is Christian Jorgensen if you're, um, bored.
My inspiration for Jolene, the female MC

Anyone have any advice on this? Have you written a dual POV or parallel world novel, or do you know a good example I should study? I'd love your guys' thoughts!


Daisy Carter said...

Ooh, this is intriguing! I've read *somewhere* that the only time it's necessary to write dual POVs is when your characters are on different journeys. It sounds like yours are, considering they're in different worlds at the beginning - a great reason to write dual POVs. :)

And the male model? Yum.

Janeal Falor said...

I love that girl's eyes, they really draw you. And her hair cut makes me want to chop mine all off. Anyway...

I've never written a dual POV. I think it would be really challenging, but can be well done when pulled off. Can't think of an example off the top of my head though. Good luck with it! I love new projects.

Shauna said...

I obvs don't have any advice for your dual POV but I love me the male model and your hilarious caption! love you! xo

Mark Noce said...

I kind of had the opposite thing happen to me, I always like multiple POV, but started writing with just one POV. Part of the journey...going places you never guessed:)