Thursday, February 20, 2014

Things I Love Thursdays: Ferm Living

Sorry I've been so absent of late. The days are just getting away from me here in my last few weeks in Montana. Between trying to finish a novel in whatever spare time I can scrounge up and being sick (AGAIN!), and of course taking care of the little nugget, blogging has sort of taken a back seat. But I'm still here, I swear!

In fact, part of the blame for my blogging absence can be placed squarely on Ferm Living. This website has the cutest baby stuff EVER, and since most of it is out of my price range or unavailable in the U.S., I've been doing my best to make homemade versions of some of my favorite things. Of course I can't come anywhere near the quality of their products, but this mobile helped inspire the one I made for Baby Boy #2 (due in just 9 weeks - eeek!).

I'm obsessed with the color scheme...

So I adopted it!

This bunting will go along the top when I assemble the thing.

I've also been obsessed with this fox pillow for ages, and maybe I'll splurge and buy it once I actually have a nursery to put this stuff in.

Ferm Living also has a ton of really great stuff for grown-up rooms too, and remarkably you can buy some of there pillows and housewares on Amazon. Worth checking out, if you ask me (and if you don't have eight million other things you should be doing instead).

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Jessie Humphries said...

Holy crap that is cute! I am so amazed when people are capable of such creativity.