Sunday, February 6, 2011

When God Closes a Door...

...he opens a window, or so they say. A door has certainly closed this week (the agent who had my full for 5 months finally sent a rejection - and unfortunately it didn't have one useful bit of feedback; she said it was "amazingly written" and that she "really loved" the story, but she didn't connect to it as much as she needed to) and it remains to be seen if the proverbial window is going to open. The agent I resubmitted to wrote back almost immediately telling me she would read the changes and get back to me, and now I'm freaking myself out that I didn't do nearly enough to the manuscript. But what's done is done, so there's no point worrying about it now. I sent out 7 more queries on Friday and have already received one rejection and another query bounced back. If I don't get a partial out of this group I'm going to be really disappointed.
Meanwhile Jack has been really sick this week, his first real illness ever. It appears that John and I might miraculously make it through unscathed, but I'm taking preventative measures just in case. I can't afford to get sick right now. This week I plan on sending out more queries and then it's time to start working on the new novel.
I can't believe I'm turning 31 in just a few weeks. EEEEEEK! For some reason 31 sounds a lot older than 30, and it seems my plan of getting an agent while I was 30 hasn't panned out either. I guess my next landmark is 35. At least that buys me a little time :P
Off to a Super Bowl party with the mommy gang. Looking forward to wine, food, and gossip. As for football...

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