Monday, May 7, 2012

Mommy Mondays: Potty Training - Now, or Later

Lately, the big topic of conversation amongst my mommy friends seems to be potty training. Our kids are mostly between the ages of two and three, when potty training usually takes place. For some, it seems to be as easy as spending a day on the pot with a movie and M&Ms. For others, it looks more like a long, drawn-out, somewhat painful process. I can't even say it's an age thing. I've heard girls are easier to potty train (and I like that theory, since it means if I have trouble with Jack I have something to blame it on), and there is the adage, "Start potty training at 2, and your kid will be potty trained by 3; start at 3, and they'll be potty trained at 3," but I'm not sure if there's one right technique or age. I think that potty training, like with most things kid-related, totally depends on the kid.

For the record, I have not even begun to attempt potty training with Jack. I don't even have a potty for him. He occasionally talks about "pooping on the potty," but as soon as we approach the toilet he changes his mind. He tells me after he poops, but never before, and he is not in the least bothered by a dirty diaper. To me, these are signs he's not ready. My concern is that he's going to decide to be ready in, say, late August, right when we move to Russia. If I potty train him before then, he might relapse after the move, but if I wait until we get to Russia, he might be so anxious from all the other changes in his life that he won't want to give up his diaper. Then there's the added fun of dealing with spur-of-the-moment pee breaks in sub-freezing temperatures. I can't imagine trying to peel off eight layers of clothing when Jack suddenly decides he has to go, NOW!

Today I witnessed a horrific scene at the park. A little girl walked over to her mom, saying that her tummy hurt, so the mom asked if she had to poop. I'm pretty sure the little girl didn't know what was going on, but since we weren't near a toilet and the mom didn't have one handy, she handed the little girl a plastic bag and said, "Here. Poop in this." Jack was fascinated. I was horrified. The little girl crouched down behind a short wall and I quickly turned Jack away, but a few moments later I heard the mom say, "Good job," and then to her friend, "She didn't go." This is my worst nightmare. Popping a squat to pee behind a bush is one thing, but poop in a plastic bag? I think I'll stick with diapers for now, thanks.

I know a few of you have already potty trained your toddlers, so I'd love your advice in the comments. And please keep in mind that it's a ten-hour flight to Moscow!


june923 said...

You are totally right it depends on the kid! I waited until they showed signs of wanting to go. Also when they have to pooh they have to pooh, better a .plastic bag then the floor for someone to step in!!! Main thing is do not stress him out over it, go with the flow, if he has an accident say " next time let's try to make it in the potty" or you could end up with holding it issues which suck!!!! I know Jackson was one of those!!!

Jessie Humphries said...

I got nothin...I have done it twice. My third is now just 2...and she is so not ready! And neither am i!

Mara Rae said...

jaime - i agree, better a bag than the ground! but this didn't even seem like an emergency. it was like, eh, here, poop in this bag. :P

jessie - it makes me feel better that even people who have done it before don't have all the answers (although it would be kind of nice if you did! :D).