Friday, August 24, 2012

Things I Love Fridays? Katie's Scarf Dress

I'm bringing you this special edition of Things I Love because a) I wasn't loving much yesterday and b) I didn't have the photos I needed for this post yet. Lucky for you, I saw the beautiful Katie last night and was able to get this photo tutorial. You can thank me later.

When I saw this photo of Katie at a wedding, I thought, WOW! What a cute dress!

The fact that this girl lives on a farm still kills me.

When I inquired about it, Katie told me that it was actually a scarf she'd made into a dress. No, not a scarf she cut up and sewed into a dress, a scarf that she tucked and folded in such a way that it required nothing more than a couple of pins, and is now happily back to its former scarf self. WHAT?! you're probably thinking. How is this possible? Well, Ima show you.

First, grab a large scarf* (and a small model).
Second, drape it around the model's neck and tie a knot.
Third, be silly.

Fourth, strike a pose.

Fifth, fold the scarf up to desired length.

Sixth, pull the fabric around your waist like an apron.

Seventh, tuck excess fabric into the waistband.

Eighth, make any adjustments.
Ninth, strike another pose, because you're fabulous.

Let's all give Sarah, my sis, a round of applause for being such an enthusiastic model. And to Katie, of course, for being so creative and just darn awesome. The belt she's wearing is actually a necktie with a vintage pin. Ridic.

* Katie assured me this scarf wasn't sheer. I beg to differ. But somehow she attended a wedding (an English one at that) and didn't manage to offend anyone.

Then again, look at her.


Anonymous said...

That is insane! in a really cool sort of way. I'm not sure if I'd ever be brave enough to wear something like that, but always enjoy seeing how creative people can be. Wow.

Nick Wilford said...

Girls get to do some really cool things with clothes. There's not much I could do with a man's scarf... maybe a funky belt? :)

alex said...

Wow. I can't even imagine dreaming something like that up. Seriously impressive.

Evie Shen-Tal said...

Katie is sooo creative. I wear all my bathing suits in the way she taught me. Ever seen it? <3 Evie

Shell Flower said...

Whoa, this is better than T-shirt surgery. Awesome. I am SO going to do this someday. I never have the right clothes for weddings, but I have TONS of scarves. Right on!

Katie Lewis said...

Mara how did I not know you finished this blog post already? You're so sweet!!!

One note for people who try it: You need a rather large scarf for this dress. But once you have a big one, you can turn it into like at least 4 other dresses...I've done it!