Thursday, October 18, 2012

Things I Love Thursdays: Dorothy Perkins

I JUST discovered the Dorothy Perkins website (thanks to Design*Sponge, which I also love), and I'm thrilled to have found what could very well be my new ModCloth. It has a ton of clothing and accessories, all at great prices. And since I'm in the process of expanding my work wardrobe (not only has it been nearly three years since I've bought work-appropriate clothing, but I also have to rethink everything in Russia; I'm wearing far more skirts and tights than I ever imagined I would, because tall boots are the only way to go with muddy streets), I think this could be just the ticket. Here are a few things I've got my eye on.

Such great details, and it's only $44!

Yes, those are tiny greyhounds!
How flattering does this look?
I never knew I needed a badger sweater, but apparently I do.
And Sarah needs a poodle sweater, clearly.

I did, however, know I needed a fox beanie.

Seriously though, I NEED these mittens.
Head on over and check it out! And if you already knew about Dorothy Perkins, shame on you for not telling me!


Little Bird Paperie said...

Love these finds:) I can absolutely picture you in those dresses! Adorable!

Sarah said...

I need Badger and Poodle. And Unicorn. This is a problem.

Morgan said...

Oh my gosh! Too cute! I'm in love! :D

lewiskw said...

This I will say about Dorothy Perkins: I love the clothes BUT--and this goes for people in the US, at least--BEWARE OF ORDERING ONLINE. When I was actually in England a couple years ago I bought stuff and it was of decent quality and very cute, so just recently I went hogwild on the US site and ordered $800 worth of dresses and shoes, literally. I even paid for expedited shipping ($30) to get it in time for a wedding. WELL. It got held up in Customs and they would not release it unless I paid an additional $205 in customs fees and duties!!!!!! I am told they do random screening, so all the duties don't always apply, but that I had no choice but to pay it. And it got to me after the wedding. Then I found that the US site uses a mixture of US and British sizing, so half of my stuff didn't fit and I had to return it. It cost me $66 to ship the stuff back to the UK, even though it would be logical that since they had a US site, they would have a US warehouse. So, at best, it was a $266 loss, and that is if I get refunded like I should. I have some cute things still, but overall...not worth it. But perhaps there are better customs rules in Russia, though I know partly it's Britain's VAT tax that contributes to the duties, so beware! But maybe Russia has actual DP stores, and you can avoid this whole mess?

lewiskw said...

PS...I have that black dress in green. It's very flattering and small, so you or Sarah can borrow it some time!

Mara Rae said...

oh man katie! that's awful! thank you for the warning. i'll check out the russian shipping info before i order anything. miss you!

lewiskw said...

Yes, definitely look into the Russian shipping stuff. Though I should mention, I saw NO mention of possible customs/fees mentioned on the US site. Anyway, good luck. And you need those mittens for sure! Miss you too!