Thursday, April 4, 2013

Things I Love Thursdays: Cath Kidston's Train Print

Okay, this is a bit specific for a Thing I Love, but it's a thing, and I love it. That's pretty much the criteria, right?

Some of you may recall my adorable red bunny iPhone case (as seen on New Girl) that I got back in the fall. I loved that case, even if it earned me looks of derision from my coworkers. But alas, just a couple of weeks ago Jack decided to rip one of the ears off, and a bunny iPhone case with just one ear doesn't really look like anything. So I had to throw it away (I'm amazed it lasted as long as it did considering I only paid $3 for it). After a long mourning period, it's time to find a new case. I thought about this one:

But it's admittedly a little impractical. In my hunt for something cute, unique, and functional, I found this beauty:

Cath Kidston Mini Trains iPhone case
I love that it combines Jack's train obsession with something vintage-looking and whimsical. Unfortunately, nearly $40 is too much for me to spend on an iPhone case, especially when that adorable bear is going for about $10. However, there are a bunch of other items in the Cath Kidston train line that I'm tempted to get, some for much more reasonable prices. Observe:
$24, and laceless for the toddler-shoe impaired (aka Daddy)

The train sweater is equally adorable, and it comes in Mommy size.

I think I this sweater! Ha!

There's also a dress, a bunch of accessories, even a little handkerchief. When it comes to this print, it's safe to say I'm "on board" (sorry, had to).

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Sarah said...

Haha love it. There are several things I've been wanting to order from that site. And if it's any consolation, I've spent that much on an iPhone case before :D