Thursday, August 22, 2013

Things I Love Thursdays: Lost Girl

Here in Russia, we have limited access to American television. Without a VPN, it's impossible to watch Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc. Unfortunately, even with the VPN, our somewhat crappy Internet makes it difficult to use these services, even though we pay for them (boo). The one thing that generally works, for reasons unknown, is Netflix. (Hulu, for the record, sucks. The shows pause to load every two or three minutes and sometimes you never get past the ads. Amazon Prime is a total disaster and iTunes can't be trusted. It's enough to drive an insane girl insaner.)

If you have kids you already know that Netflix is awesome. Jack gets into these movie ruts where he wants to watch the same thing over and over ("A Turtle's Tale II" just came out - I clearly have some negative karma to burn off), and Netflix works great for that. They have "Thomas," random Disney movies (Mer-lan aka "Mulan" is a big hit at the mo), "Dinosaur Train," etc. However, for adults, Netflix is not great at updating their programming. I go to the "new releases" page and it's the same thing week after week. But every now and then, John and I stumble across a series we've never watched before, and we find something we can watch for a few weeks on a daily basis. This is helpful in avoiding those "what do you want to watch?" back and forth debates which never end happily.

I came across "Lost Girl" in my "recommended for you" section a couple of weeks ago. It's a Canadian paranormal show about a succubus named Bo who doesn't know where she came from and has only just discovered there's a whole world of light and dark fae out there. Bo refuses to choose a side, however, and with the help of her trusty human sidekick, Kenzi, and a werewolf-cop named Dyson, she becomes a private investigator for faes who can't get human cops to take their cases.

Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) and Bo (Anna Silk)

I'm not gonna lie, it can be cheesy (a la "Grimm" and "Once Upon a Time"). The special effects are pretty lame and there are some awful one-liners. Still, I'm kind of hooked. I like Bo, but I love Kenzi. She's cute, spunky, and she's got some great lines (While speed dating: Oh, my favorite literary quote about regret? Wow. Fun! Ummm. Well, I think it was the great poet, uh… Ludacris, who said “regret is fo suckas, fo suckas, fo suckas. Regret is fo suckas. Bitch.”). Dyson is oddly appealing and the acting is pretty good. It's possible my standards have just been lowered considerably in the past year, and it ain't no "Game of Thrones," but it has kept me occupied the past three nights while John was in Moscow.

And lately, that's good enough for me.


L-S-E said...

OMG, I love Lost Girl too! I discovered it shortly after we moved here and couldn't pull myself away from the computer, lol. And gotta agree with you--Netflix is the best. My kid watches all his shows online, but I swear, if they don't get a new season of Jake and the Neverland Pirates soon, I may just lose my mind. ;)

Jenny S. Morris said...

I've seen the first episode of this and I really loved the relationship that started to form between to two girls. The one girl is so spunky! I need to go back and watch.