Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Writing Wednesdays: Music and Writing

I'm not one of those people who listens to music when they write. I can handle some background noise, and even music that I don't know, but if there's a song on where I know the words, I get all caught up and start singing.  Fun, but not so productive for the writing.

However, music definitely inspires my writing. In fact, I got the idea for my current novel from a song while running on the treadmill. (And no, I won't tell you which song yet, because it's too embarrassing.)

I've never had a playlist for any of my books before, but this time, I do! Well, sort of. It's not really in any kind of order, but here are some of the songs that either go with specific scenes or just helped inspire my novel in general:

Alex Clare "Too Close"

Ellie Goulding "Your Biggest Mistake"

Of Monsters and Men "King and Lionheart"

Kesha "Animal"

Imagine Dragons "Radioactive"

Florence and the Machine "Shake it Out"

The Killers "Flesh and Bone"

So, what about you? Do you write to music or have a book playlist? And by the way, if you haven't seen the video for Radioactive, go watch it! Puppet cage fighting? Awesome.

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J. A. Bennett said...

I know six out of those seven songs and I love them all. Now I just need to look up the Ke$ha one :) Love it when songs inspire writing. For the book I'm working on now, Brave by Sarah Bareilles is probably my biggest inspiration. Watch the MV too, it's epic!