Thursday, May 3, 2012

Things I Love Thursdays: Three Points Design, Inc.

On Sunday morning, we came upon a little art fair in Williamsburg. I'm not usually one for craft fairs - I always feel vaguely uncomfortable drifting past all the beaded necklaces and fuzzy scarves. But amidst the arts and crafts, you can occasionally find a real gem. This happened on Sunday, and I was so excited that I could actually afford the thing I really wanted!

Three Points Design's hand-carved wooden owls, whales, and feathers stood out from the sea of crap like a beacon of Etsy-worthy goodness. I loved all the owl statues and the giant carved mermaid, but what really caught my eye was a wooden owl head flanked by wings, about two-feet across. I just knew he'd be perfect above Jack's crib (a spot I've always been too paranoid to hang something, but I finally feel fairly confident that no freak earthquake is going to cause Jack to be smooshed during the night). I hemmed and hawed, walked away and came back, and finally committed. And oh, how I love him!

Jack loves him too! According to Jack, "Owl's name is Bird." The lovely lady who sold Bird to me said he's the first of his design, so he's extra special. And I love that he's going to travel all over the world with us.

If I had more room/money, I'd definitely invest in one of their gorgeous hand-carved feathers. Check out these other beautiful items available on their website:

If you're looking for unique, hand-made, affordable art, I highly recommend Three Points Design, Inc.!


Sarah said...

So glad you got Bird - I knew you'd be sad if you left him behind!

Mara Rae said...

You were right - I do love Bird. He's going to be rather fetching in Russia, methinks.