Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Writing Wednesdays: I'm Back! And Why I Really Need An Editor

Hello everyone! I wasn't planning on taking a week off from blogging, but these things happen. Especially when four of the five days of your family vacation are spent strapped into a moving vehicle (two five-hour flights and two five-hour drives. Ugh). The day in between was spent catching up with family and enjoying beautiful Oregon.

The whole fandamily (minus my dad). It was my grandpa's 90th birthday!

My uncle's front yard. The unicorn got away before I could take a pic.

Jack and Grampa.

My uncle lives up the street from a draft horse breeding ranch! Ahhh!
Anywho, this is supposed to be a Writing Wednesday, so I'll just say one last thing. My grandpa is THE oldest Trader Joe's employee! Isn't that cool? I should get free groceries or something, right?

So, why do I really need an editor? Because I have too many ideas right now, and I don't know which way to go. If I had an editor (or an agent!), I could get a professional opinion before I head down what could possibly be the wrong path - again! See, there's the mystery novel that I'm thinking of rewriting as YA, and then there's the Russian book, and of course there are the next two books in the Friday trilogy, and I have another idea for a sci-fi/dystopian that I'd really love to explore too. But are any of them worth pursuing? I don't know! I have all these ideas and not a clue what to do with them.

And that, my friends, is why I really need an editor. Of course, I suppose it could be worse. I could have NO ideas, and then I'd really be screwed. And the good news is that after a tortuous five-hour flight home, my trip ended on a high note. No, not the ear-piercing shrieks Jack let out during the descent, but two requests from agents. Which is *almost* as good as seeing Jack with his great grandpa. But not quite.


Jenny Morris said...

Congrats. That's awesome about the agents. WOOHOO.

It looks like you had fun. I think you left right as the rain returned.

And lots of ideas is a good thing. Maybe writing a chapter of each will help you figure out which one is more interesting to you.

Mara Rae said...

that's a good idea! maybe i'll try that. of course, i still need to do some major outlining/researching for the sci-fi idea. the russia one is pretty well formed in my head but i feel like i need to live in russia before i can really write it well. i've started that one though and i really like writing it. and yes, we just missed the rain. whew!

Peggy Eddleman said...

Congrats on the requests! And the spending time with family. :o)

I agree. Having too many great ideas is WAY better than having none. I say talk to people. In person. Ones that read YA. (If that's what these are.) Tell them about the ideas, and see what they are most excited about. See what YOU are most excited telling them about! I developed fairly extensively a story I had planned to write. It's MG, so I told my kids about it. They'd smile and nod and say, "Sounds cool." But they never got excited about it! So then I started developing another story, and noticed the difference in their excitement level when I talked about it. They kept talking about how much they loved it, and kept giving me their own ideas about things I could add. That's how I knew what to go with next.

Leslie Pugh said...

Having an editor around would be really great, wouldn't it? I'm all for that because I'm like you and have too many ideas at once!

Mara Rae said...

Peggy - thanks for the advice! Maybe I'll put the ideas up on the blog and let people vote! I know I'm personally excited about both of the new ideas, but I just don't have the time I need to develop them fully right now (damn Russian training!). Once we move and I have that nanny (mwahaha!) things will hopefully be different.

Leslie - hi! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, an editor would be fabulous. I guess we should be grateful for the ideas. I just wish I knew if mine were any good!